The MAI FLOWER - A French Tradition

The MAI FLOWER - A French Tradition

In France, there is a tradition on May 1st called 'La Fete du Muguet' where people offer a sprig of Muguet (Lily-of-the-Valley) to wish good luck and happiness in celebration of the arrival of Spring.  We wanted to bring this beautiful ritual to America with the launch of our third scented candle, MAI FLOWER.  It is also a play on words as the Mayflower (MAI FLOWER) was the ship coming from Europe to America, capturing the spirit of bringing the first pilgrims to the United States.


Created with my longtime collaborator and world-renowned perfumer, Christophe Laudamiel, the MAI FLOWER candle combines the delicate, pure floralcy of the Muguet flowers with velvety, baby almonds, honey, mimosa and violet leaves from my native region of Grasse.  This precious scent is nested upon a bed of lavish notes to create depth, drawing upon sustainable sandalwood and oak moss, legendary ingredients in French perfumery known to augment sensuality.


We welcomed our friends and the press to our Atelier on East 76th Street for an opening event to celebrate the arrival of MAI FLOWER.  You can check out some of the pictures from our sunny afternoon of high tea and lively conversation below.  The MAI FLOWER candle can be purchased at our boutique, 19 East 76th Street, at our Brookfield Place Ephemeral boutique, 230 Vesey Street and online at

Happy Spring!


Love and Flowers,


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