L'Olivier Floral Atelier and Dümmen Orange got into the Father’s Day spirit by introducing a unique collection of baby red anthurium plants that were donated to the first 100 customers who stopped by our Brookfield Place Boutique.  Customers were invited to customize their anthurium plants with stickers and personal messages to Dad right on the pot!  Instead of purchasing the plants, we took donations of any amount to benefit nearby local public school PS 89.   

Taking inspiration from the ancient Chinese ‘Wishing Tree’ that has been part of their culture for over 700 years, with each donation from the anthurium plants, we asked people to share their love with a special wish to Dad that would be attached to a customized Manzanita tree.  It was so much fun to see both children and adults writing messages and tying colorful ribbons to the branches to help create this magnificent Wishing Tree that will be donated to PS 89 and auctioned off to benefit the school’s programs.  Now that's what I call a Happy Father's Day for all! 

Love and flowers,


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