Cuir Vegetal Candle

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In the tradition of L’Olivier Floral Atelier, floral artist Olivier Giugni and scent composer Christophe Laudamiel have crafted the unique fragrance of Cuir Vegetal, a candle to follow up on Vert de Vert from 2013 that honors and complements L’Olivier’s signature floral arrangements.

Cuir Vegetal (‘Leathery Flora’) creates a sensual atmosphere, blending an immense body of leathery plant extracts underlined with softer elements that accompany the tender perfume of the floral extracts.  The eclectic combination of leathery notes come from plants including Poplar Buds, Mimosas, a Lily Distillate and Saffron complemented by the delicate freshness from Fennel, Melon de Cavaillon, Ginger, and a touch of Jasmine. 

Candle includes one Cuir Vegetal candle in glass vessel|
Made in France


*The $67.50 only include the Cuir Vegetal Candle