Vert de Vert Candle

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Vert de Vert embodies the unique scent of Olivier Giugni’s floral creations. This lasting décor creates an aroma that complements the ephemeral floral arrangements of L’Olivier. By using foliage, branches and herbs instead of floral notes that complete most natural bouquets, this candle creates a harmonious inviting atmosphere.

This signature Vert de Vert scent was crafted in France by master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel from exclusive natural extracts and other precious blends that are close to Olivier’s heart as a contemporary artist-creator and a native of Southern France. Notes include Olive Tree leaves, Lavendin, Peppermint and Eucalyptus and scented Geranium just to name a few. The wax’s distinct pastel green olive color is derived  from natural green extracts used in this one-of-a-kind composition.

Candle includes one Vert de Vert candle in glass vessel.
Made in France


*The $67.50 only include the Vert de Vert Candle