L’Olivier is committed to practicing sustainable environmental practices.  We seek to minimize our environmental impact and carbon footprint by improving operational efficiencies, reducing waste through recycling, and protecting the environment with sustainable sourcing of flowers and greens. 


L'Olivier has partnered with The Action Environmental Group, a material recycling facility located in the Bronx. Within this recycling facility is an optical sorter which uses infrared technology to detect and separate all seven grades of plastics, white paper from mixed paper and cardboard from the rest. This allows Action to extract higher quality recyclables out of the waste stream and diverting them from the landfill. For more information about this recycling facility, visit


L’Olivier has developed the limited edition Vert de Vert candle gift set including the original candle and vessel as well as an environmentally conscious wax refill of the same fragrance. We hope to share our efforts with our customers by limiting the use of glass and allowing you to enjoy Vert de Vert with our refillable wax.

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